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Nils Erland Haugen
Nils Erland Haugen

Nils Erland Haugen

Adjunct Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Energy Engineering
Energy Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
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Article in journal

The effect of turbulence on the conversion of coal under blast furnace raceway conditions (2023)

Wartha. E, Haugen. N, Karchniwy. E, Bösenhofer. M, Harasek. M, Løvås. T
Fuel, Vol. 331, nr. Part 2
Article in journal

The effects of Stefan flow on the flow surrounding two closely spaced particles (2023)

Jayawickrama. T, Chishty. M, Haugen. N, Babler. M, Umeki. K
International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol. 166
Article in journal

Collision fluctuations of lucky droplets with superdroplets (2022)

Li. X, Mehlig. B, Svensson. G, Brandenburg. A, Haugen. N
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, Vol. 79, nr. 6, s. 1821-1835
Article in journal

Spectral characterisation of inertial particle clustering in turbulence (2022)

Haugen. N, Brandenburg. A, Sandin. C, Mattsson. L
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 934