Nils Svanljung
Nils Svanljung

Nils Svanljung


Nils Svanljung have a community planning degree at 160 p + 40 p graduate from the University of Uppsala. Since the mid 70's Brownie working with business ideas arising from the academy.

Through the years he has worked in various roles such as CEO, project managers, financiers, business developers and business coach in both private companies and public organizations. Finally, he also has experience in board work as chair and member. For 25 years he has lived in Stockholm and Uppsala and had primarily Sweden and Europe as its field.

Brownie was born in Tornedalens metropolis - Korva - and has been since childhood a strong interest in outdoor activities in various forms. He also has a passion for sports by the way he has been active practitioners and also the coach of the youth team and was elected in several sports clubs.

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