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Nyssim Lefford

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Audio Technology
Music, Media and Theatre
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
+46 (0)911 72619
G157 Piteå


Conference paper

Building Timbre Discrimination and Critical Listening Skills in Classical and CCM Singing Students (2022)

Osborne. K, Rollings Bigler. A, Lefford. N
Paper presented at : International Congress of Voice Teachers (ICVT 2022), Vienna, Austria, August 3-6, 2022
Article in journal

Context-Aware Intelligent Mixing Systems (2021)

Lefford. M, Bromham. G, Fazekas. G, Moffat. D
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, Vol. 69, nr. 3, s. 128-141
Article in journal

Pop vs rock: A comparison study of managing sessions in the recording studio and the influences of genre (2021)

Harding. P, Lefford. N
Journal of Music, Technology and Education, Vol. 13, nr. 2-3, s. 141-161
Chapter in book

Information, (Inter)action and Collaboration in Record Production Environments (2020)

Lefford. M
Part of: The Bloomsbury Handbook of Music Production
Conference paper

Mixing with Intelligent Mixing Systems (2020)

Evolving Practices and Lessons from Computer Assisted Design
Lefford. M, Bromham. G, Moffat. D
Paper presented at : 148th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, 2-5 June, 2020, Online