Sven Öberg
Sven Öberg

Sven Öberg

Tillämpad fysik
E192 Luleå


My main research is in the area of applied mathematics and computational physics/chemistry.

A major part this work involves developing efficient methods and computer software for first-principles calculations on large atomic systems (1000 atoms or more), based on Density-Functional Theory (DFT), with applications mostly on defects in semiconductors, but also on nanostructures and biochemical molecules.



I teach engineering students in mathematics, numerical analysis and parallel computing. Also give a number of PhD courses on modelling in materials science.


Part time, I am also advanced consultant in scientific computing and project leader at the High Performance Computing Centre North at Umeå University.



Artikel i tidskrift

Charged dopants in neutral supercells through substitutional donor (acceptor) (2018)

nitrogen donor charging of the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
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Artikel i tidskrift

A first-principles model of copper-boron interactions in Si (2017)

for the light-induced degradation of solar Si
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Journal of Physics, ISSN: 0953-8984, Vol. 29, nr. 6
Artikel i tidskrift

Adsorption and migration of single metal atoms on the calcite (10.4) surface (2017)

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Artikel i tidskrift

Powerful recombination centers resulting from reactions of hydrogen with carbon–oxygen defects in n-type Czochralski-grown silicon (2017)

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Artikel i tidskrift

Some hydrated molecular complexes of 4-cyanophenylboronic acid (2017)

Significance of water in the structure stabilization by theoretical investigation
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