Orjan Johansson, Head of Department Photographer: Tomas Bergman
Örjan Johansson, Associate Professor and Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering Photographer: Tomas Bergman

Örjan Johansson

Title: Associate Professor
Organization: Luleå University of Technology
Research Area: Engineering Acoustics
Division: Operation, Maintenance and Acoustics
Department: Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
Email: orjan.johansson@ltu.se
Phone: +46 (0)920 491386
Room: F742 - Luleå »
City: Luleå

Head of the department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering. The department hosts more than 200 researchers and teachers, 175 PhD students, and is responsible for 20 education programs. Education background within Mechanical Engineering (MSc 1989). Got my PhD 1996 in Physical Environment Technology, and became Associate professor in Engineering Acoustics 2006.

My current research is focused on ultrasound controlled cavitation for process intensification. I have a broad experience in the field of sound and vibration research, linked to sound quality, transfer path analysis, and optimization and control of resonant systems. I have been supervisor or assistant supervisor for 7 doctoral dissertations, and supervisor for 20 Master Thesis’s. I also have 5 years’ experience as senior expert consultant within automotive and process industry.


Conference paper
Wijaya, A et al.

Difference thresholds of multi-axis whole-body vibration

Ingår i IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
Wigholm, P et al.

Best avaliable technology

Conference paper
Johansson, Ö et al.

Sound sketch procedure for auralization of the interior sound of a high speed train

Ingår i Proceedings of Inter-Noise 2012
Article in journal
Odelius, J et al.

Self-assessment of classroom assistive listening devices

Ingår i International Journal of Audiology, ISSN 1499-2027
Article in journal
Nykänen, A et al.

Modelling perceptual dimensions of saxophone sounds

Ingår i Acta Acoustica united with Acustica, ISSN 1610-1928
Article in journal
Odelius, J et al.

The effect of binaural processing techniques on speech quality ratings of assistive listening devices in different room acoustics conditions

Ingår i Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, ISSN 0001-4966
Article in journal
Johansson, Ö et al.

Analysis of everyday sounds which are extremely annoying for children with autism

Ingår i Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, ISSN 0001-4966
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Published: 28 August 2006

Updated: 23 May 2017


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