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Pablo Botella Vives
Pablo Botella Vives

Pablo Botella Vives

Materials Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics


Article in journal

High-pressure characterization of multifunctional CrVO4 (2020)

Botella. P, López Moreno. S, Errandonea. D, Manjon Herrera. F, Sans. J, Vie. D, et al.
Journal of Physics, Vol. 32, nr. 38
Article in journal

Investigation on the Luminescence Properties of InMO(M = V5+, Nb5+, Ta5+) Crystals Doped with Tb3+ or Yb3+ Rare Earth Ions (2020)

Botella. P, Enrichi. F, Vomiero. A, Muñoz-Santiuste. J, Garg. A, Arvind. A, et al.
ACS Omega, Vol. 5, nr. 5, s. 2148-2158
Article in journal

Spray pyrolysis synthesis and characterization of Mg1-xSrxMoO4 heterostructure with white light emission (2020)

Santiago. A, Tranquilin. R, Botella. P, Manjón. F, Errandonea. D, Paskocimas. C, et al.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 813
Article in journal

The high-pressure, high-temperature phase diagram of cerium (2020)

Munro. K, Daisenberger. D, MacLeod. S, McGuire. S, Loa. I, Popescu. C, et al.
Journal of Physics, Vol. 32, nr. 33