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Pantea Hadi Jafari

Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 493440
E137 Luleå


Article in journal

Effect of process parameters on the performance of an air-blown entrained flow cyclone gasifier (2019)

Hadi Jafari. P, Wingren. A, Hellström. J, Gebart. R
International Journal of Sustainable Energy
Article in journal

Modeling of Particle-Laden Cold Flow in a Cyclone Gasifier (2018)

Pantea. H, Misiulia. D, Hellström. J, Gebart. R
Journal of Fluids Engineering - Trancactions of The ASME, Vol. 141, nr. 2
Licentiate thesis, comprehensive summary

Numerical Modeling of Cyclone Gasification (2018)

Pantea. H
Article in journal

Turbulence Modelling of a Single-Phase Flow Cyclone Gasifier (2017)

Pantea. H, Hellström. G, Gebart. R
Engineering, Vol. 9, nr. 9, s. 779-799
Conference paper

On the Influence from Turbulence Modeling on Particle Suspension Flow in Cyclone Gasifiers (2014)

Jafari. P, Gebart. R, Hellström. J
Paper presented at : Symposium on Thermal and Catalytic Sciences for Biofuels and Biobased Products : 02/09/2014 - 05/09/2014