Pär Weihed
Pär Weihed

Pär Weihed

Professor, Prorektor
Luleå tekniska universitet
Geovetenskap och miljöteknik
Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser
B275 Luleå



Artikel i tidskrift

REE geochemical characteristics and satellite-based mapping of hydrothermal alteration in Atud gold deposit, Egypt (2018)

Abdelnasser. A, Kumral. M, Zoheir. B, Karaman. M, Weihed. P
Journal of African Earth Sciences, ISSN: 0899-5362, Vol. 145, s. 317-330
Artikel i tidskrift

Characterization of some nonmetallic resources in Bolivia (2017)

an overview of their potentiality and their application in specialized formulations
Zeballos. A, Weihed. P, Blanco. M, Machaca. V
Environmental Earth Sciences, ISSN: 1866-6280, Vol. 76, nr. 22
Artikel i tidskrift

Deep massive sulphide exploration using 2D and 3D geoelectrical and induced polarization data in Skellefte mining district, northern Sweden (2016)

Tavakoli. S, Bauer. T, Rasmussen. T, Weihed. P, Elming. S
Geophysical Prospecting, ISSN: 0016-8025, Vol. 64, nr. 6, s. 1602-1619