Pär Weihed
Pär Weihed

Pär Weihed

Professor, Prorektor
Luleå tekniska universitet
Geovetenskap och miljöteknik
Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser
B275 Luleå



Artikel i tidskrift

Towards product-oriented sustainability in the (primary) metal supply sector (2019)

Alvarenga. R, Dewulf. J, Guinée. J, Schulze. R, Weihed. P, Bark. G, et al.
Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Vol. 145, s. 40-48
Artikel i tidskrift

Why current assessments of ‘future efforts’ are no basis for establishing policies on material use (2019)

a response to research on ore grades
Ericsson. M, Drielsma. J, Humphreys. D, Storm. P, Weihed. P
Mineral Economics, Vol. 32, nr. 1, s. 111-121
Artikel i tidskrift

REE geochemical characteristics and satellite-based mapping of hydrothermal alteration in Atud gold deposit, Egypt (2018)

Abdelnasser. A, Kumral. M, Zoheir. B, Karaman. M, Weihed. P
Journal of African Earth Sciences, Vol. 145, s. 317-330
Artikel i tidskrift

Characterization of some nonmetallic resources in Bolivia (2017)

an overview of their potentiality and their application in specialized formulations
Zeballos. A, Weihed. P, Blanco. M, Machaca. V
Environmental Earth Sciences, Vol. 76, nr. 22