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Pedram Ghamgosar
Pedram Ghamgosar

Pedram Ghamgosar

Materials Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics


Article in journal

Adaptive nanolaminate coating by atomic layer deposition (2019)

Alvi. S, Ghamgosar. P, Rigoni. F, Vomiero. A, Akhtar. F
Thin Solid Films, Vol. 692
Article in journal

Ag nanoaggregates as efficient broadband sensitizers for Tb3+ ions in silica-zirconia ion-exchanged sol-gel glasses and glass-ceramics (2018)

Enrichi. F, Belmokhtar. S, Benedetti. A, Bouajaj. A, Cattaruzza. E, Coccetti. F, et al.
Optical materials (Amsterdam), Vol. 84, s. 668-674
Article in journal

Dynamics and Photochemical H-2 Evolution of Dye-NiO Photocathodes with a Biomimetic FeFe-Catalyst (2016)

Anttila. L, Ghamgosar. P, Maji. S, Tian. H, Ott. S, Hammarström. L
ACS Energy Letters, Vol. 1, nr. 6, s. 1106-1111