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Per-Olof Grönberg
Per-Olof Grönberg

Per-Olof Grönberg

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Social Sciences
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
+46 (0)920 491094
A308 Luleå

I am a senior lecturer of history at Luleå University Technology (LTU).  I have my background from Umeå University. I defended my PhD-thesis on how Swedish engineers travelled, mainly to America, learned about technology and organization and how they later returned to implement their knowledge. I was then a postdoc at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, and, after that, I worked again a few years at Umeå University- During these years, I was also guest resarcher at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. I started to work at LTU in 2015. In the years 2018-2019, I was on leave and held temporary position as associate professor of history at the University of Stavanger in Norway.

I teach several courses on the teacher and preschool teacher prorgammes, and on the course Swedish history in English for exchange students. I am also the main teacher of our course Economic History of the Western World.

My special areas are migration history, educational history, and technology and engineering history. In recent years, I have also orientated towards environmental history.

I am a member of the editorial board for Journal of Migration History and one of four chairs for the Ethnicity and Migration network in the European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC) organization.


Article in journal

”Inget för de lärde?” Diskussionerna om lokaliseringen av de tekniska elementarskolorna i Sverige i mitten av 1800-talet (2019)

Nilsson. F, Grönberg. P
Historisk Tidskrift, Vol. 139, nr. 2, s. 251-281
Conference paper

För ett «framgångsrikt tillgodogörande af Norrlands rika naturliga tillgångar»? (2018)

Tekniska elementarskolan i Härnösand 1900-1920
Grönberg. P
Paper presented at : Den sjuende nordiske utdanningshistoriske konferansen, 19-20 september, 2018, Trondheim, Norge
Article in journal

Disfavored in Life, Favored in Death? (2016)

Later-Life Mortality Differences (Ages 30+) between Migrants and Natives in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Stockholm, 1850-1930
Puschmann. P, Donrovich. R, Grönberg. P, Dekeyser. G, Matthijs. K
Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung, Vol. 41, nr. 1, s. 257-290