Peter Michaelson
Peter Michaelson

Peter Michaelson

Biträdande professor, Huvudutbildningsledare
Luleå tekniska universitet
Hälsa Medicin och Rehabilitering
Institutionen för hälsovetenskap
S233 Luleå


Artikel i tidskrift

Physically inactive adolescents’ experiences of engaging in physical activity (2019)

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European Journal of Physiotherapy
Artikel i tidskrift

Physiotherapy treatment experiences of persons with persistent musculoskeletal pain (2019)

A qualitative study
Calner. T, Isaksson. G, Michaelson. P
Physiotherapy Theory and Practice
Artikel i tidskrift

Predictors for return to work after multimodal rehabilitation in persons with persistent musculoskeletal pain (2018)

Sviridova. O, Gard. G, Michaelson. P
Edorium Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation, Vol. 4, nr. 1
Artikel i tidskrift

Effects of a self-guided, web-based activity programme for patients with persistent musculoskeletal pain in primary healthcare (2017)

A randomized controlled trial
Calner. T, Nordin. C, Eriksson. M, Nyberg. L, Gard. G, Michaelson. P
European Journal of Pain, Vol. 21, nr. 6, s. 1110-1120