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Pia Åkerfeldt
Pia Åkerfeldt

Pia Åkerfeldt

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Engineering Materials
Materials Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 491770
E314 Luleå


Additive manufacturing, titanium alloys, stainless steels, environmental assist cracking (solid metal induced embrittlement, hydrogen embrittlement), microstructural characterization, defect characterization, fractography, failure analysis, EBSD


Article in journal

Estimating manufacturing parameters of additively manufactured 316L steel cubes using ultrasound fingerprinting (2023)

Zia. S, Carlson. J, Åkerfeldt. P, Mishra. P
Research and Review Journal of Nondestructive Testing (ReJNDT), Vol. 1, nr. 1
Article in journal

Fatigue fracture characterization of chemically post-processed electron beam powder bed fusion Ti–6Al–4V (2023)

Sandell. V, Åkerfeldt. P, Hansson. T, Antti. M
International Journal of Fatigue, Vol. 172
Article in journal

Stress relief heat treatment and mechanical properties of laser powder bed fusion built 21-6-9 stainless steel (2023)

Edin. E, Svahn. F, Neikter. M, Åkerfeldt. P
Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 868
Manuscript (preprint)

Surface and defect sensitive modelling of life in powder bed fusion produced Ti-6Al-4V (2023)

Sandell. V, Roychowdhury. S, Hansson. T, Åkerfeldt. P