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Prakash Chandra Chhipa
Prakash Chandra Chhipa

Prakash Chandra Chhipa

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Machine Learning
Embedded Intelligent Systems LAB
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering

Prakash Chandra Chhipa is a Computer Vision Researcher, Ph.D. Candidate under the supervision of Professor Marcus Liwicki (Machine Learning Group at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden) as main supervisor and Professor Seiichi Uchida (Human Interface Laboratory, Kyushu University, Japan) as assistant supervisor.

Research interests: Self-supervised Learning, Computer Vision

Previously, He has worked on applied research and development in machine learning for 8 years (out of 10) with companies Samsung R&D and Arkray R&D. During the tenure, He has commercialized products in visual media & medical device domain and produced 7 invention disclosures with 14 international patents applications including one granted patent.

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Conference paper

Imagined Object Recognition Using EEG-Based Neurological Brain Signals (2022)

Saini. R, Prabhu. S, Upadhyay. R, Rakesh. S, Chhipa. P, Mokayed. H, et al.
Part of: Recent Trends in Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (RTIP2R 2021), s. 305-319, Springer, 2022
Conference paper

Detecting COVID-19 from audio recording of coughs using Random Forests and Support Vector Machines (2021)

Södergren. I, Nodeh. M, Chhipa. P, Nikolaidou. K, Kovács. G
Part of: Proceedings Interspeech 2021, s. 916-920, International Speech Communication Association, 2021