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Qiancheng Xie
Qiancheng Xie

Qiancheng Xie

PhD Student position
Luleå University of Technology
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid and Experimental Mechanics
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 492968
E805 Luleå

About me

My research interests and experiences include hydraulics and morpho-dynamics, covering flows and sediment issues in rivers and coastal areas, hydraulics of dams and spillways, seepage flow in embankment dams and levees, roller compacted concrete dam design and stability analysis, flood control impact diagnosis and assessment on wading engineering, eco-hydraulics of fish immigration, etc, with field investigations, numerical simulations and laboratory model tests.

My networks


Article in journal

Daily suspended sediment forecast by an integrated dynamic neural network (2022)

Li. S, Xie. Q, Yang. J
Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 604
Article in journal

Hybrid Modeling for Solutions of Sediment Deposition in a Low-Land Reservoir with Multigate Sluice Structure (2022)

Xie. Q, Yang. J, Lundström. S, Chen. J
Applied Sciences, Vol. 12, nr. 18
Article in journal

Understanding the Settling Processes of Dredged Sediment Disposed in Open Waters through Experimental Tests and Numerical Simulations (2022)

Ding. W, Lu. C, Xie. Q, Luo. X, Zhang. G
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, Vol. 10, nr. 2
Article in journal

A Numerical Study on Suspended Sediment Transport in a Partially Vegetated Channel Flow (2021)

Wang. M, Avital. E, Chen. Q, Williams. J, Mi. S, Xie. Q
Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 599
Article in journal

Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Hydraulics in Water Intake with Stop-Log Gate (2020)

Ren. W, Wei. J, Xie. Q, Miao. B, Wang. L
Water, Vol. 12, nr. 6
Article in journal

Field Investigations of Underwater Mounds Formed by Hopper Dredge Discharges in a Coastal Environment (2020)

Dai. W, Ding. W, Lu. C, Luo. X, Xie. Q
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, Vol. 8, nr. 6
Article in journal

Flow and Sediment Behaviours and Morpho-dynamics of a Diffluence−Confluence Unit (2020)

Xie. Q, Yang. J, Lundström. T
Rivers Research and Applications, Vol. 36, nr. 8, s. 1515-1528
Article in journal

Flow, Sediment, and Morpho-Dynamics of River Confluence in Tidal and Non-Tidal Environments (2020)

Bilal. A, Xie. Q, Zhai. Y
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, Vol. 8, nr. 8