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Qi Jia

Qi Jia

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Direct Simple Shear Tests on Swedish Tailings (2018)

Jia. Q, Laue. J
Ingår i: Proceedings of China-Europe Conference on Geotechnical Engineering, s. 538-541, Springer, 2018
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Study on the Strength Development of Cemented Backfill Body from Lead-Zinc Mine Tailings with Sulphide (2018)

Zhang. J, Guo. L, Sun. X, Li. W, Jia. Q
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, ISSN: 1687-8434, Vol. 2018

Industrial practice on optimizing tailings composition combined with ore concentration processes (2017)

Guo. L, Peng. X, Yang. X, Shi. C, Yu. B, Xu. W, et al.
Ingår i: 12th International Conference on Mining with Backfill 2017, Minefill 2017, s. 69-79, Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, 2017
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Effects of fine content, binder type and porosity on mechanical properties of cemented paste backfill with co-deposition of tailings sand and smelter slag (2016)

Jia. Q, Yang. Q, Guo. L, Knutsson. S, Xue. P, Liu. G, et al.
The Electronic journal of geotechnical engineering, ISSN: 1089-3032, Vol. 21, nr. 20, s. 6971-6988

Large-scale shear box tests to determine rockfill parameters (2016)

Ekström. I, Ljunggren. M, Andersson. C, Jia. Q, Laue. J
Ingår i: Association of State Dam Safety Officials Annual Conference 2016, Dam Safety 2016, s. 828-845, Association of State Dam Safety Officials, 2016