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Qi Jia
Qi Jia

Qi Jia

Biträdande universitetslektor
Luleå tekniska universitet
Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser
T3306 Luleå



Geosynthetic reinforcement in lightly piled embankments (2020)

Laboratory model development
Gunnvard. P, Laue. J, Jia. Q
Ingår i: 4th European Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, s. 301-302, Luleå University of Technology, 2020

Direct Simple Shear Tests on Swedish Tailings (2018)

Jia. Q, Laue. J
Ingår i: Proceedings of China-Europe Conference on Geotechnical Engineering, s. 538-541, Springer, 2018
Artikel i tidskrift

Study on the Strength Development of Cemented Backfill Body from Lead-Zinc Mine Tailings with Sulphide (2018)

Zhang. J, Guo. L, Sun. X, Li. W, Jia. Q
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, Vol. 2018

Industrial practice on optimizing tailings composition combined with ore concentration processes (2017)

Guo. L, Peng. X, Yang. X, Shi. C, Yu. B, Xu. W, et al.
Ingår i: 12th International Conference on Mining with Backfill 2017, Minefill 2017, s. 69-79, Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, 2017
Artikel i tidskrift

Effects of fine content, binder type and porosity on mechanical properties of cemented paste backfill with co-deposition of tailings sand and smelter slag (2016)

Jia. Q, Yang. Q, Guo. L, Knutsson. S, Xue. P, Liu. G, et al.
The Electronic journal of geotechnical engineering, Vol. 21, nr. 20, s. 6971-6988