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Robert Furén
Robert Furén

Robert Furén

Industrial Ph.D student
Luleå University of Technology
Urban Water Engineering
Architecture and Water
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering

Robert Furén's research focuses on urban stormwater management with emphasis on the function of stormwater facilities, especially their long-term function as well as operation & maintenance. The research is conducted mainly on biofilters in Sweden, but studies have also been carried out at facilities in the U.S., in collaboration with Ohio State University. The aim of Robert's research is to evaluate some of the environmental risks that may occur due to the accumulation of various pollutants in biofilters used for stormwater treatment in urban environments and cold climates, and to provide a greater understanding of the risks and requirements of operation and maintenance and waste management. Robert's research aims to increase the knowledge and understanding of various industry players on how to design, build and manage green infrastructure in a long-term sustainable way and to, through close collaboration between clients, contractors and universities, combine theory and practice towards the goal of finding long-term sustainable solutions for climate adapted stormwater management in our cities.

Robert holds an M.Sc. in Road & Water Management from Chalmers, with specialization on urban water engineering and is employed by NCC as industrial PhD student within the Vinnova-funded competence center DRIZZLE.

Research projects