Roger Hermansson
Roger Hermansson

Roger Hermansson


I am born January 20, 1944. I have 3 children, Annica, Ann-Kristin and Anna-Karin 41, 40 and 33 year old and 3 grand children, Max, Alice and Ester. Started to work at the University in 1975, took my PhD in Energy Engineering in 1993. I am employed as a senior lecturer and will retire by the end of 2008. However, my plan is to continue to work part time in research projects.



I am mainly interested in research in the use of bioenergy for production of heat and electicity. Combustion of more difficult fuels like canary grass and horse manure are interesting topics together with heat recovery and stack gas cleaning.

Combined Heat and Power production in small appliances based on bioenergy in direct or externally fired gas turbines or with the use of  an Organic Rankine Cycyel are other intereseting topics


I mainly work with the courses in "Heat and Mass Transfer" and "Thermal Turbo Machines and Stem Boilers" I also use to work in the courses in "Mechanics" and "Thermodynamics"


I like fishing, both winter and summer. I also like working in my summer house growin potatoes and vegetables and spend my time taking care of my own forest.


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