Rolf Lantto
Rolf Lantto

Rolf Lantto


Article in journal

Occupational skin disease in Sweden (2005)

a 12-year follow-up
Meding. B, Lantto. R, Lindahl. K, Wrangsjö. K, Bengtsson. B
Contact Dermatitis, Vol. 53, nr. 6, s. 308-313
Article in journal

Clinical evaluation of all-ceramic crowns (Dicor) in general practice (1999)

Sjögren. G, Lantto. R, Tillberg. A
The Journal of prosthetic dentistry (Print), Vol. 81, nr. 3, s. 277-84
Article in journal

Clinical examination of leucite-reinforced glass-ceramic crowns (Empress) in general practice (1999)

a retrospective study
Sjögren. G, Lantto. R, Granberg. A, Sundström. B, Tillberg. A
International Journal of Prosthodontics, Vol. 12, nr. 2, s. 122-28