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Rumen Kyusakov
Rumen Kyusakov

Rumen Kyusakov



Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has received a lot of attention in recent years both from academia and industry. Nowadays SOA is well established technology for developing applications in heterogeneous distributed enterprise systems. The problems addressed by enterprise SOA solutions can be seen in the domain of embedded systems too, and in particular Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Just to name some of those issues:
 - distributed environment
 - poor compatibility (diverse range of platforms and programming languages)
 - lack of modularity on the application level
Moreover, seamless integration of constrained embedded systems with the Web is often required to reduce the development and deployment costs when supporting human-machine interactions and interoperability with other systems.
Some efforts have been made to employ SOA and Web protocols for constrained networked embedded systems but the results are not satisfying yet due to the new problems that arise related to power consumption, RAM usage and limited processing power.
My research topic is to investigate the application of Service Oriented Architecture and Web integration of embedded systems such as wireless sensor platforms and to develop methods and tool support to make the development of embedded Web services computationally efficient for resource constrained devices.

Supervisors: Jens Eliasson, Jerker Delsing

Academic work

  • Completed
    1. SOAP Web Services on Mulle sensor node equipped with Bluetooth radio
    2. Application of EXI in industrial environment
    3. Lab assistant for the Computer System Security and Management course - LP1 2010
    4. Lab assistant for the Computer System Security and Management course - LP1 2011
    5. Lab assistant for the Computer System Security and Management course - LP1 2012
    6. Lab assistant for the Computer System Security and Management course - LP1 2013
    7. Survey on application level energy management standards
    8. Development for AESOP project demonstrators (LKAB lubrication system and District heating). This work included developing a number of RESTful embedded web services running on sensor nodes and PC platforms. The technologies that were employed are CoAP, EXI and XML.
  • Current
    1. Participated as invited expert in W3C EXI Working Group
    2. Project management and development for the EXIP project -

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About me

I was born in 1984 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. I graduated from Sofia University, Bulgaria in 2006 with bachelor degree in Informatics and then in 2008 with Master degree in Mechatronics and Robotics. I was exchange student during the spring semester of 2008 in Mälardalen University, Sweden. There, I wrote and defended my master thesis in Model-based and component-based development of embedded systems. Before joining EISLAB as a PhD student in January 2010, I had been employed with a software company (TechnoLogica Ltd.) in Bulgaria for 3 years. There I was working as database/Java developer in several projects for government institutions and banks.