Sanna Lohilahti Bladfält
Sanna Lohilahti Bladfält

Sanna Lohilahti Bladfält

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Engineering Psychology
Humans and Technology
Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences
+46 (0)920 493386
A176 Luleå


Conference paper

Gear Shifter Design (2019)

Lack of Dedicated Positions and the Contribution to Cognitive Load and Inattention
Lohilahti Bladfält. S, Grane. C, Bengtsson. P
Paper presented at : AHFE International Conference on Human Factors in Transportation, 2019; Washington D.C.; United States; 24-28 July 2019
Conference paper

Field study investigating gear shifter usability in car rental scenario (2016)

Bladfält. S, Grane. C, Friström. J
Part of: NES2016 - Ergonomics in theory and practice, Proceedings of 48th Annual Conference of Nordic Ergonomics and Human Factors Society, s. 201-205, Publications of the University Eastern Finland. Report and Studies in Health Sciences No 22. 2016., 2016
Conference paper

Field study investigating first time interaction with four automatic gear shifter concepts and their impact on safety (2015)

Lohilahti Bladfält. S, Friström. J, Grane. C
Paper presented at : HFES Europe chapter 2015,