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Sven-Erik Tiberg


I am currently working as an IT administrator for the sub-area support in IT services. The sub-area is responsible for providing user support within the University's IT environment on all campuses. The user support is includes to answer questions, take orders of different kinds and work to restore the functions of the daily IT environment and support in classrooms. In "support classrooms", we assists users who need technical support for the implementation of training and lectures.

I'm  board member of the union Saco's at the university and thus participants in the Swedish Engineers''s Higher educational council.
Head safety officer for the university with main area the physical working conditions.
And saftey officer for primary ITS.

Previous activities within LTU
-Teachers of in vehicle engineering, measuring and control technology, image processing, , programming, project management, ergonomics and tutor for thesis students.
-Been engaged in research and consulting in mechatronics, automotive, driving simulators, image processing, ergonomics - whole body vibration and information infrastructure.
-IT system mgr at more institutions including web development since -93.
Through research, I have a number of conference papers and scientific articles in imageprocessing, driver simulators with ergonomics studies and system infrastructure.

Swedish Defence Forces: rewarded for improvements comprising both routines and equipment.

You can reach me at 0046 920-491218.