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Shaktiman Singh
Shaktiman Singh

Shaktiman Singh

Senior Lecturer, guest
Luleå University of Technology
Operation and Maintenance
Space Technology, Operation, Maintenance and Acoustics
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 492043

Postdoctoral Researcher

Shaktiman Singh is a glaciologist with expertise in field-based terrestrial glacio-hydrological research. He has good research experience in using the field observation for development and application of glacio-hydrological model for long-term data generation and its analysis for different climatic signatures, mainly in data deficient high altitude mountain ecosystems. He has extensive research experience in glaciological field expeditions for data collection and in further using it for validation of geophysical models and remote-sensing based glacio-hydrological interpretations.


Article in journal

Small Lava Caves as Possible Exploratory Targets on Mars (2020)

Analogies Drawn from UAV Imaging of an Icelandic Lava Field
Sam. L, Bhardwaj. A, Singh. S, Martin-Torres. J, Zorzano Mier. M, Ramírez Luque. J
Remote Sensing, Vol. 12, nr. 12
Article in journal

Hydro-geochemical analysis of meltwater draining from Bilare Banga glacier, Western Himalaya (2019)

Kumar. R, Kumar. R, Singh. A, Singh. S, Bhardwaj. A, Kumari. A, et al.
Acta Geophysica, Vol. 67, nr. 2, s. 651-660
Article in journal

Hydro-geochemical characteristics of glacial meltwater from Naradu Glacier catchment, Western Himalaya (2019)

Kumar. R, Kumar. R, Singh. S, Singh. A, Bhardwaj. A, Chaudhary. H
Environmental Earth Sciences, Vol. 78, nr. 24
Article in journal

Quantifying the Congruence between Air and Land Surface Temperatures for Various Climatic and Elevation Zones of Western Himalaya (2019)

Singh. S, Bhardwaj. A, Singh. A, Sam. L, Shekhar. M, Martin-Torres. J, et al.
Remote Sensing, Vol. 11, nr. 24