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Nasir Shezad
Nasir Shezad

Nasir Shezad

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Engineering Materials
Materials Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 492516
E301 Luleå


Article in journal

A phase conversion method to anchor ZIF-8 onto a PAN nanofiber surface for CO2 capture (2022)

Li. Z, Cao. Z, Grande. C, Zhang. W, Dou. Y, Li. X, et al.
RSC Advances, Vol. 12, nr. 2, s. 664-670
Article, review/survey

A review on activated carbon modifications for the treatment of wastewater containing anionic dyes (2022)

Azam. K, Shezad. N, Shafiq. I, Akhter. P, Akhtar. F, Jamil. F, et al.
Part of: Chemosphere
Article in journal

Synergetic Effect of Packed-bed Corona-DBD Plasma Micro-Reactor and Photocatalysis for Organic Pollutant Degradation (2021)

Hafeez. A, Shezad. N, Javed. F, Fazal. T, Saif ur Rehman. M, Rehman. F
Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 269