Silvia Nergård
Silvia Nergård

Silvia Nergård


I work as a project controller at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering (CENE).

As a project economist, I work with the budget, monitoring and financial accounts and manages the financial accounts of several subjects, in consultation with the Chair Professor/Head of Department. I collaborate with researchers and project managers in the process of project accounting. My finance service also includes external contacts with funders and other stakeholders.


My workassignments:

  • Budgeting three times a year (annual budget, forecast 1 and forecast 2)
  • Closing of the books three times a year (annual, four-month period 1 and four-month period 2)
  • Economic project management/coordination
  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Inventory
  • EUROCARD payments


I work with the following cost centers:

  • The subject GEOTECHNICS 184 Kst (Jan Laue, Chair Professor)
  • The subject Mineralteknik 155 Kst (Jan Rosenkranz, Chair Professor)
  • Title MINERALS TECHNOLOGIES AND METALLURGICAL Kst 186 - education (Jan Rosenkranz, Head of Department)
  • SIP STRIM Kst 163 (Charlotta Andersson, in charge)