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Simon Hedin

Student and former Head of Social Affais in the Student Union of Engineering. I Currently work evenings in Servicedesk (ITS)

As a Fee-paid Employee at ITS, I work mainly in the service desk in the library. This is were I meet the ITS customers and help them directly with minor problems or create service requests with them so that staff with expert knowledge can come to help.

I have previously worked in a IT department in the private sector and the biggest difference is that at LTU offers a very wide range of IT equipment and there are many different types of problems to solve.

My work is mainly regulated by the SLM, the agreement between ITS and the institutions IT coordinator. As a Fee-paid Employee student this is not a problem, what is difficult is the special cases and exceptions that i seldom encounter due to my relatively low work time.

For more information about me, please visit my online resume: