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Johanna Söderasp
Johanna Söderasp

Johanna Söderasp

LLD and researcher in Environmental and Natural resources Law, with special focus on water law and governance. My dissertation focused on the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) and its implementation in Sweden, with special focus on the legal implications and challenges. The WFD prescribes a holistic, integrated and adaptive water governance system, focusing on improving water quality and securing water quantity throughout Europe. The goal is to achive a good ecological and chemical status for surface waters and a good quantitative and chemical status for groundwaters by 2021, or 2027.


Dissertation: Law in Integrated and Adaptive Governance of Freshwaters: A Study of the Swedish Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive ((2018), available here: 

Contributing author to Ch. 6 Options for governance, institutional arrangements and private and public decision-making, in Intergovernmental Panel for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) (2018), avaliable here:


Before and After the CJEU Weser Case: Analysing the legal application of Environmental Quality Standards for Water in Sweden (Presentation), EELF Conference in Copenhagen, August, 2017.

Law in Adaptive Water Governance and Local Land Use Planning (Presentation), Environmental Law Days Uppsala, October, 2016.

Adaptive Water Management and the Case of the European Union Water Framework Directive in Sweden (Presentation), New Forms of Law and Governance and from the Arctic, Rovaniemi, August, 2016.

Sustainable Water Management and the Rule of Law, SPEQS program days, Marstrand, August 2014.


I have extensive teaching experience in sustainable development, with particular focus on environmental law, international environmental law and EU environmental law. I currently teach courses in Environmental Law (J0005N), Special Real Estate Law (J0033N), Sustainable Development (L0010N), Company and environmental requirements (L0007N) and Man and the Earth's resources (S0025N). Before I was a graduate student, I taught also public law, in particular State law and European law. I have also tutored several theses during my employment.


Higher Education Credits 7.5 (2011)

To Meet Challenges with Students' Academic Writing 3,0 Hp (2017)


Transformative learning for sustainable development, Interdisciplinary educational projects. Completed in November 2016, Project Manager Lisa Dahlen.


L.L.D Doctor of Laws, specialisation Environmental and Natural Resources Law, 2018.

LL.M. Master of Laws, specialisation Environmental and Natural Resources Law, 2009.



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Challenges in Swedish hydropower (2017)

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