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Markus Söderfjäll
Markus Söderfjäll

Markus Söderfjäll

Postdoctoral position
Luleå University of Technology
Machine Elements
Machine Elements
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics

My project deals with reduction of fuel consumption primarily for trucks. The project focus is to do this by reduction of frictional losses in the piston ring to cylinder liner contact. To do this I am performing multiphysics simulations. The tribological interface is coupled with a deformation model to simulate the effect of out of round cylinder liners. In parallel with this I am also developing a test rig to evaluate the results from the simulation model.


Article in journal

Texture-induced effects causing reduction of friction in mixed lubrication for twin land oil control rings (2018)

Söderfjäll. M, Larsson. R, Marklund. P, Almqvist. A
Proceedings of the Institution of mechanical engineers. Part J, journal of engineering tribology, Vol. 232, nr. 2, s. 166-178
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Friction in Piston Ring - Cylinder Liner Contacts (2017)

Söderfjäll. M
Article in journal

Influence on friction from piston ring design, cylinder liner roughness and lubricant properties (2017)

Söderfjäll. M, Herbst. H, Larsson. R, Almqvist. A
Tribology International, Vol. 116, s. 272-284
Conference paper

Surface texture for combustion engine cylinder liners (2017)

Söderfjäll. M
Paper presented at : Tribology Daya, Älvkarleby 28-29 November 2017
Article in journal

A model for twin land oil control rings (2016)

Söderfjäll. M, Almqvist. A, Larsson. R
Tribology International, Vol. 95, s. 475-482