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Stefan Sävenstedt
Stefan Sävenstedt

Stefan Sävenstedt

Professor emeritus
Luleå University of Technology
Nursing and Medical Technology
Department of Health, Education and Technology


Article in journal

Assessing BPSD with the support of the NPI-NH (2018)

a discourse analysis of clinical reasoning
Melander. C, Sävenstedt. S, Olsson. M, Välivaara. B
International psychogeriatrics, Vol. 30, nr. 4, s. 581-589
Article in journal

Human capabilities in advanced dementia (2018)

Nussbaum's approach
Melander. C, Sävenstedt. S, Välivaara. B, Olsson. M
International Journal of Older People Nursing, Vol. 13, nr. 2
Article in journal

Need for reassurance in self-care of minor illnesses (2018)

Gustafsson. S, Sävenstedt. S, Martinsson. J, Välivaara. B
Journal of Clinical Nursing, Vol. 27, nr. 5-6, s. 1183-1191
Article in journal

The impact of using measurements of electrodermal activity in the assessment of problematic behaviour in dementia (2018)

Melander. C, Kikhia. B, Olsson. M, Wälivaara. B, Sävenstedt. S
Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders extra, Vol. 8, nr. 3, s. 333-347
Article in journal

Utilizing ambient and wearable sensors to monitor sleep and stress for people with BPSD in nursing homes (2018)

Kikhia. B, Stavropoulos. T, Meditskos. G, Kompatsiaris. I, Hallberg. J, Sävenstedt. S, et al.
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, Vol. 9, nr. 2, s. 261-273