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Stephan Schnabel
Stephan Schnabel

Stephan Schnabel


About me

I am a PHD-student at Luleå University of technology -machine element-.

I am originally from south Germany and work now on elastohydrodynamically lubricated (EHL) contacts within the frame of my doctroal thesis. After my undergraduate study in Germany (Dipl.-Ing.) and one year as a student in Gävle, I started as a PhD-student here at LTU in october 2011.

I like sport (running, floorball, cross-country skiing, football...) - simply more or less every kind of sport.

About the current project

The project deals with acoustic emission (AE) of single elastohydrodynamically lubricated (EHL) contacts. By studying a single EHL contact, the understanding of acoustic waves of such contacts should be improved, which can lead to improved signal processing methods of AE signals of rolling element bearings and therefore improves condition monitoring of machines in general.

The goals are:

  • to identify sources of acoustic emission in EHL contacts
  • to understand how acoustic emission signals and contact properties are related
  • investigate the possibility of acoustic emission simulation for EHL contacts
  • to understand how signals from single EHL contacts are related to complex systems, such as rolling element bearing or gears.



iBetter is a Marie-Curie exchange program of the European Union and enables a closer information exchange between industrial partners and universities. In the iBetter program are the following institutes involved:


About the project until the licentiate

The Project deals with controlling and monitoring methods for a elastohydrodynamically lubricated contact (such as in a rolling bearings or a hydraulic engines). The research should lead to a better saturation of the lifetime of these contacts and thereby minimizing the service costs for industry and environment impact due to the best possible saturation of components.

The goals are:

  • to define the failure propagation of point defects and three-body-abrasive wear in EHL contacts.
  • to understand the influence of extreme pressure additives on EHL contacts.
  • to understand the influence of extreme pressure additives on failure propagation.
  • to investigate the effect of different point defects on vibration and acoustic emission signals
  • to investigate the behavior of vibration and acoustic emission signals in the different lubrication regimes.


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