Stina Rutberg
Stina Rutberg

Stina Rutberg

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Division of Health, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Department of Health Sciences
+46 (0)920 493225
S105 Luleå

Lecturer in Physiotherapy


I hold a PhD and lecturer in Physiotherapy and works as a teacher and researcher at LTU. I teach at the physiotherapy program and the master's programs Physiotherapy o Occupational therapy, as well as the OMT Master. I started working as a physiotherapist in 1992 after taking physiotherapist degree at the university of Boden. 1996 I started my own business "Stina's physiotherapy" which I ran until 2007. I began teaching part time at Luleå University 2003 on physiotherapist program and went on to full-time in 2008 when I also went into the doctoral studies of 80%. I defended my thesis in March 2013.

Being clinical physiotherapist has been really fun and educational but to be teachers and researchers is exciting and to developing new knowledge and see students develop is a real favor. It has been a tremendous asset to be able to combine these different interests.


I have a doctorial degree in physical therapy since and my thesis is called "Striving for Control and Acceptance to feel well - experiences of living with migraine and attending physical therapy".Today my research has two major focuses. The first focus is on children and young people's physical activity, especially active school transporting. The other focus is the development of rehabilitation in elderly care and the on user-friendly ICT in municipal rehabilitation.

Research on active school transport

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Active school transportation

The Active School Transport project is a three-year project (2017-19) aiming at increasing active school transport for students in the middle and lower secondary school. The project is a collaboration with Luleå municipality. In 2016 we conducted a successful pilot study where students in grade 1 walked or biked to the school for 4 weeks. The project employs empowerment and gamification to promote sustainability and motivation for increased physical activity and, in the long run, also affect health and cognitive ability. For such young children, parents decide whether the children are allowed to go to school and therefore we have put a lot of focus on parents' attitudes towards active school transport.

The pilot project has resulted in 3 scientific articles and great media attention.

The main results are:

  • Students get ready for school (arrives on time and have increased concentration)
  • Gamification increases the motivation of the students
  • Integrated learning through assignments on the way to school provides the opportunity for real-life learning
  • Parents 'attitudes became more positive and the students' enthusiasm and motivation influenced parents to allow their child to use active school transport to a greater extent

We have also conducted a study on which components of the Pokémon Go game that made children more physically active. This subproject has so far been rendered in one scientific article.

The main results are:

  • Collaboration is a more important component than competition to increase the physical activity of children

Feb-March 2018, we conducted a pilot study to increase students' active school transport during the winter, especially winter cycling. Through the Kronprissparet foundation we have received funding for winter tires for a class in grade 6 at a school in Luleå. They walked or biked during 4 weeks and meanwhile documented this by taking pictures. 

No follow-up of this is yet available.



Research into user-friendly ICT in municipal rehabilitation

My research also includes user friendly information and communication technology (ICT) in elderly care and we use participatory research methods to collect data. We have an ongoing project including physiotherapists and occupational therapists providing rehabilitative action at a distance. By using participatory research, we hope to get a model for implementing ICT changes in health care in a sustainable and userfriendly way.


Physiotherapy program

On the physiotherapy program, I teach most in a course called " in semester 3 and in a course called "Basic Acupuncture" in semester 6. I also examines students on their clinical education, and supervise and examine C-essays.

Master training Physiotherapy

I teach and examine the course "Design and application of qualitative methods" 7,5 hp which is the first year in the master's program. I as well teach in the qualitative part of the "Design and application of the scientific method" 3,5 hp of OMT Master's program. I also supervice Master thesis.


I'm an assistant supervisor for Jenni Riekkola PhD student in occupational therapy, in the area of couples´ participation in respite care. Her thesis is based on qualitative studies where she has interviewed couples who use respite care and also interviewed staff in the same area. Jenni will defend her thesis in 2019.


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