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Stina Thunberg
Stina Thunberg

Stina Thunberg

Lecturer, PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Swedish and Education
Education and Languages
Department of Health, Education and Technology
+46 (0)920 493176
R221 Luleå

Research and teaching

I am a PhD-student of Swedish and didactics.


From gamification to game-based reading

My research interests are engagement, play, gamification, and game-based learning in L1 and L2 teaching and learning. My upcoming thesis, The Reading Avatar, is an educational design research project using game elements in the literature classroom to stimulate reading engagement. A pilot study was conducted in the ninth grade. The main study investigates a gamified literature education design in the upper secondary L1 and L2 classrooms. The design combines reading a printed book, the classical novel The Treasure by Selma Lagerlöf, with the digital avatar to make the students descend into the story. The project is a part of Art Tech Learning Lab here at LTU. The game elements engaged the students agentically in a co-creative, exploratory and participatory reading agency. However, the game elements' importance differs. The avatar is highly engaging, while the experience points also lead to stress. From the result, the potential of a game-based reading with creative playfulness and the narrative in focus is discussed.

While collecting the material in upper secondary, I made a smaller study with L2 teachers working with newly arrived students. The newly arrived read the H.C. Andersen classical story of Thumbelina illustrated by Elsa Beskow and combined the reading with creating a digital avatar. 

Recently I have conducted a pilot study in teacher education. The study is an educational design research project, making the teacher students design board games for primary education to stimulate design thinking and subject learning in L1. 

ArcTech Learning Lab

The Reading Avatar project is a part of ArcTech Learning Lab, working with new ideas on using technology for teaching and learning in progress. Read more about ArcTeach Learning Lab.

Teaching experience

Teaching L1, L2, and comparative religion in upper secondary and adult education

Teaching L1, L2, didactics, and pedagogy at Teacher Education

Teaching "Swedish for beginners" to international students




Article in journal

Hooked By Avatars? Literature Studies in Upper Secondary School—A Simulation Study (2022)

Graeske. C, Sjöberg. S, Thunberg. S
International Education Studies, Vol. 15, nr. 3, s. 53-60
Conference paper

“Hjälp, vi ska göra brädspel!” (2021)

Utmaning och designtänkande när svensklärarstudenter, F–3 och 4–6, skapar brädspel på lärarprogrammet
Thunberg. S, Andersson. M, Graeske. C
Part of: NNMF8 2021: Abstractbok, s. 188-189, Uppsala universitet, 2021, 3G-2
Conference paper

Learning About Learning by Making Board Games (2021)

Dialogical Perspectives from L1 Teacher Education
Thunberg. S, Andersson. M, Graeske. C
Part of: Abstracts of PapersPresented at the 15th European Conference on Game Based Learning ECGBL 2021, s. 127-127, ACI Academic Conferences International, 2021
Chapter in book

Spawn 2.0 — Att spela sig till läsning (2020)

Graeske. C, Lundström. S, Smith. E, Thunberg. S, Vallin. H
Part of: Litteraturdidaktik
Chapter in book

Avatarer i litteraturundervisningen (2019)

Thunberg. S
Part of: 2018