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Mario Storga
Mario Storga

Mario Storga

Visiting Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Product Innovation
Humans and Technology
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
A 3535 Luleå


Article in journal

Exploring knowledge flow within a technology domain by conducting a dynamic analysis of a patent co-citation network (2021)

Smojver. V, Štorga. M, Zovak. G
Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 25, nr. 2, s. 433-453
Article in journal

Identifying subassemblies and understanding their functions during a design review in immersive and non-immersive virtual environments (2020)

Lukačević. F, Škec. S, Törlind. P, Štorga. M
Frontiers of Engineering Management
Article in journal

Revisiting Problem-Solution Co-Evolution in the Context of Team Conceptual Design Activity (2020)

Martinec. T, Škec. S, Perišić. M, Štorga. M
Applied Sciences, Vol. 10, nr. 18
Article in journal

Spatial Perception of 3D CAD Model Dimensions and Affordances in Virtual Environments (2020)

Lukačević. F, Škec. S, Perišić. M, Horvat. N, Štorga. M
IEEE Access, Vol. 8, s. 174587-174604
Article in journal

A state-transition model of team conceptual design activity (2019)

Martinec. T, Škec. S, Horvat. N, Štorga. M
Research in Engineering Design, Vol. 30, nr. 1, s. 103-132