Sture Brändström
Sture Brändström

Sture Brändström



Piano pedagogic certificate at the Music Conservatory of Gothenburg 1969 Piano studies i Göteborg, Stockholm, Köpenhamn, Salzburg 1969-72 Soloist diploma at School of Music in Gothenburg 1972 PhD in pedagogy at Umeå University 1995 Associate professor ("docent") at LTU 1999


Piano teacher at municipal music schools 1967-74 Piano teacher at Framnäs Folk high school 1974-78 Piano teacher at School of music in Piteå 1978-93 Acting professor at School of music, LTU 1995-2000 Professor and chair of music education at LTU 2000-


Head of School of Music in Piteå 1981-83 Member of the Swedish Research Council (SRC) 2000-2003 Member of the Faculty of social sciences at LTU 1997-2000 Dean for the Faculty of social sciences 2000-2003   Supervised nine PhD-students to a doctor degree Opponent at seven public defences

Project leadership

Music education in historical perspective 2003-06 (Swedish Research Council) Composition and use of interactive music 2004-2005 (SRC) The celestial mechanics: mysticism and the animated movement 06-08 (SRC) Ideologies at folk high schools of music 2009-12 (SRC) Nordkalotten University 2006-2008 (Interreg IIIA) Vi r Music 2009-2010 (WP-leader, Interreg IVA) NoCry (Northern Creative Youth), 2008-2010 (Project manager, NPP)