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Henrik Sundberg
Henrik Sundberg

Henrik Sundberg

Communications stategist
Luleå University of Technology
Communications Office
Professional Support
+46 (0)920 492171
B307 Luleå

As a webmaster, I am responsible for LTU web site which means coordination of the Web's development functional and content.

I'm your go-to guy for suggestions concerning web improvement, publishing support through Polopoly or about finding information. I help to manage your suggestions and ideas and ordering acts as a  of their development.

We coordinate the web organization and helps to create uniformity and consensus on the structure and information issues at the university.

Examples of assignments:

  • Requirements gathering and specification
  • Development of Web structure
  • Development and support for Polopoly
  • Web analytics and statistics
  • Search engine optimization and online marketing 
  • Support and advice about social media

You can reach me most easily at or by phone