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Susanna Leijonhufvud
Susanna Leijonhufvud

Susanna Leijonhufvud

Luleå University of Technology
+46 (0)911 72601

I finished my doctoral degree at Musikhögskolan, Luleå University of Technology with the dissertation Liquid Streaming - the Spotify Way to Music, February 9, 2018.

Further I have a licentiate degree from Royal College of Music in Stockholm with the thesis Experience of Singing – a musically vocal confirmation of my existence in the world. A phenomenological investigation from a first-person perspective, 2011.

Member of the Mirac board since 2018, Music-focused Interdisciplinary Research and Analysis Center,

Participating as a researcher in the interdisciplinary research project Evolving Bildung in the nexus of streaming services, art and users - Spotify as a case, affiliated to Luleå University of Technology and financed by Wallenbergstiftelsen.

Work at the Musikhögskolan in Piteå as well as at Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Responsible for developing the Assessment support for music in Swedish Compulsory Schools in 2012, financed by Skolverket. 

I have also an interest in music and philosophy and have published some articles and book chapters on the topic of time in music and the possibilities for art as music to emanate in music educational context.


Conference paper

Researching Transformative Technology and its affordance for students within Higher Music Education (2019)

Leijonhufvud. S, Gullberg. A
Paper presented at : Svenska Samfundet för Musikforskning (SSM) conference 2019, Göteborgs universitet 12-14 juni 2019
Article in journal

The Spotifyication of public service media (2019)

Burkart. P, Leijonhufvud. S
The Information Society, Vol. 35, nr. 4, s. 173-183
Conference paper

Evolving musical Bildung in streaming media – Spotify as a case (2018)

Reflections upon a pilot study
Ferm Almqvist. C, Ekberg. N, Leijonhufvud. S
Part of: Vart är musiken på väg?, Perspektiv från forskning, bransch och politiker, 2018
Doctoral thesis, monograph

Liquid Streaming (2018)

The Spotify Way To Music
Leijonhufvud. S