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Ales Svoboda
Ales Svoboda

Ales Svoboda

Solid Mechanics
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
E161 Luleå


Article in journal

Modeling and Analysis of a Screw Fitting Assembly Process Involving a Cast Magnesium Component (2020)

Salomonsson. K, Svoboda. A, Andersson. N, Jarfors. A
Frontiers in Materials, Vol. 7
Article in journal

Experimental and PFEM-simulations of residual stresses from turning tests of a cylindrical Ti-6Al-4V shaft (2018)

Holmberg. J, Rodriguez Prieto. J, Berglund. J, Svoboda. A, Jonsén. P
Procedia CIRP, Vol. 71, s. 144-149
Article in journal

Optimization and validation of a dislocation density based constitutive model for as-cast Mg-9%Al-1%Zn (2018)

Dini. H, Svoboda. A, Andersson. N, Ghassemali. E, Jarfors. A
Materials Science & Engineering, Vol. 710, s. 17-26
Article in journal

A dislocation density based constitutive model for as-cast Al-Si alloys (2017)

Effect of temperature and microstructure
Zamani. M, Dini. H, Svoboda. A, Lindgren. L, Seifeddine. S, Andersson. N, et al.
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Vol. 121, s. 164-170
Chapter in book

A particle finite element method applied to modeling and simulation of machining processes (2017)

Rodriguez. J, Jonsén. P, Svoboda. A
Part of: Advanced Machining Processes