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Tatiano Busatto
Tatiano Busatto

Tatiano Busatto
+46 (0)910 585339
B2309 Skellefteå


Article in journal

Comparison of Measurement Methods for the Frequency Range 2–150 kHz (Supraharmonics) Based on the Present Standards Framework (2020)

Khokhlov. V, Meyer. J, Grevener. A, Busatto. T, Rönnberg. S
IEEE Access, Vol. 8, s. 77618-77630
Article in journal

Deviations between the commonly-used model and measurements of harmonic distortion in low-voltage installations (2020)

Busatto. T, Ravindran. V, Larsson. A, Rönnberg. S, Bollen. M, Meyer. J
Electric power systems research, Vol. 180
Conference paper

Evaluation of Supraharmonic Propagation in LV Networks Based on the Impedance Changes Created by Household Devices (2020)

Espín-Delgado. A, Busatto. T, Ravindran. V, Rönnberg. S, Meyer. J
Part of: Proceedings of 2020 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT-Europe) 26-28 October, 2020, s. 754-758, IEEE, 2020
Article in journal

Harmonic Analysis of Electric Vehicle Charging on the Distribution System Network with Distributed Solar Generation (2020)

Busatto. T, Rönnberg. S, Bollen. M
The Renewable Energies and Power Quality Journal (RE&PQJ), Vol. 18, s. 103-108