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Teemu Karlsson
Teemu Karlsson

Teemu Karlsson

Luleå University of Technology
Applied Geochemistry
Geosciences and Environmental Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering


Article in journal

Multiphase and multicomponent simulation of acid mine drainage in unsaturated mine waste: (2020)

Modeling approach, benchmarks and application examples
Muniruzzaman. M, Karlsson. T, Ahmadi. N, Massimo. R
Applied Geochemistry, Vol. 120
Article in journal

Design parameters for nitrogen removal by constructed wetlandstreating mine waters andmunicipal wastewater under Nordic conditions (2019)

Kujala. K, Karlsson. T, Nieminen. S, Ronkanen. A
Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 662, s. 559-570
Article in journal

Comparison of static and mineralogical ARD prediction methods in the Nordic environment (2018)

Karlsson. T, Räisänen. M, Lehtonen. M, Alakangas. L
Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, Vol. 190, nr. 12
Article in journal

Explosives-originated nitrogen emissions from dimension stone quarrying in Varpaisjärvi, Finland (2016)

Karlsson. T, Kauppila. T
Environmental Earth Sciences, Vol. 75, nr. 834