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I am a PhD candidate in Economics at Luleå University of Technology and a fellow member at  Center for environmental and Resource Economics CERE at Umeå University, Sweden. My PhD thesis involves both environmental and health economics. For additional information, please have a look at my CV.


During my Phd, I have been lecturing Macroeconomics at A-level at Mid Sweden University, assisting teacher in Microeconomics and Applied Macroeconomics at Luleå University of Technology. Currently, I am lecturing at Umeå University, Introduction to Health Economics at Master level.  


Work In Progress

  • The Melancholic Childhood. Causes and Consequences of Malnutrition on Psychosocial Consequences. Evidence from Indian Adolescents
  • Make the Invisible Visible. Birth Order Effects on Psychosocial competenices among Indian Adolecents.
  •  Benefit Transfer Models for Valuing Improved Recreational Fishing in Sweden.