Tobias Andersson
Tobias Andersson

Tobias Andersson


About me

I was born in Boden, Sweden, on the 10th of April, 1979. I moved to Luleå in 1999 and began my university studies. In 2004 I received my Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. My Master’s thesis was on the topic on audio classification. And more precise, the results in the thesis showed that it is possible to separate audio between speech and music with a set of different measures.


In April 2005, I began my Ph.D. studies at EISLAB. Up until my licentiate thesis my main focus was how to minimize sources of errors when estimating the sieve-size distributions of iron ore pellets using machine vision techniques. In the later work that are published in my Doctoral thesis 2010 it is shown that machine vision may be used to estimate the sieve-size distribution of crushed rocks and automatically identifying particular products that have specific size distribution properties.

My research today involves how to design robust and accurate classifiers that can be used in industry for quality control during production.

My interest is mainly in machine vision technologies and therefore combines techniques and theory from fields as image processing and analysis, statistical methods, multivariate analysis, signal processing and pattern recognition.