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Tom Moren
Tom Moren

Tom Moren

Professor emeritus
Luleå University of Technology
Wood Science and Engineering
Wood Science and Engineering
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)910 585304


Article in journal

Effect of oil impregnation on water repellency, dimensional stability and mold susceptibility of thermally-modified European aspen and downy birch wood (2017)

Ahmed. S, Morén. T, Sehlstedt-Persson. M, Blom. Å
Journal of Wood Science, Vol. 63, nr. 1, s. 74-82
Conference paper

In Situ CT-Scanning of Checking and Collapse Behaviour of Eucalyptus nitens During Drying (2016)

Couceiro. J, Vikberg. T, Hansson. L, Morén. T
Part of: Proceedings of the 59th International Convention of Society of Wood Science and Technology March 6-10, 2016 – Curitiba, Brazil, 2016
Article in journal

Internal Heat Exchange in Progressive Kilns (2015)

Vikberg. T, Mornén. T
Pro Ligno, Vol. 11, nr. 4, s. 318-323
Article in journal

Accelerated mold test on dried pine sapwood boards (2013)

Impact of contact heat treatment
Ahmed. S, Yang. Q, Sehlstedt-Persson. M, Morén. T
Journal of wood chemistry and technology, Vol. 33, nr. 3, s. 174-187
Article in journal

Anatomical properties and process parameters affecting blister/blow formation in densified European aspen and downy birch sapwood boards by thermo-hygro-mechanical compression (2013)

Ahmed. S, Morén. T, Hagman. O, Cloutier. A, Fang. C, Elustondo. D
Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 48, nr. 24, s. 8571-8579