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Tore Silver
Tore Silver

Tore Silver

Research Engineer
Luleå University of Technology
Product and Production Development
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 491676
E210 Luleå


Responsible for the divisions laser laboratory, LSO (Laser Safety Officer).
Responsible for the departments metrology laboratory.
Responsible for the departments mechanical workshop (Handverkstan), available for both students and employees after graduated qualification.

Undergraduate teaching in:
T0014T - Automation
T0015T - Project in Manufacturing Engineering
T0017T - Manufacturing Processes
T0018T - Laser Material Processing
T0019T - Manufacturing Methods I
T7019T - Manufacturing Methods II
M7017T - SIRIUS Creative Product Development
M0024T - Project in Mechanical Engineering

Work summery:
Laser technology
Laser welding, laser hybrid welding, laser cutting, additive manufacturing.

Cutting technology
Milling, turning, holemaking.
HSM-(High Speed Machining).
CAD-(Computer Aided Design).
CAM-(Computer Aided Manufacturing).
CNC-(Computer Numerical Control).

CMM-(Coordinate Measuring Machine).
Surface measurement, roundness measurement,
dimension measurements in general

Purchase of supplies / equipment, manufacturing materials,
processing machines and tools, laser sources and workstations;
industrial robots, process gases, high speed equipment for documentation, etc

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