Ulf Wickström
Ulf Wickström

Ulf Wickström

Byggkonstruktion och brand
Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser
F979 Luleå

Mobil: 070-659 23 41, 010-5165194


Artikel i tidskrift

Measuring incident heat flux and adiabatic surface temperature with plate thermometers in ambient and high temperatures (2019)

Wickström. U, Anderson. J, Sjöström. J
Fire and Materials, Vol. 43, nr. 1, s. 51-56
Artikel i tidskrift

Technical comment (2018)

ten fundamental principles on defining and expressing thermal exposure as boundary conditions in fire safety engineering
Wickström. U, Hunt. S, Lattimer. B, Barnett. J, Beyler. C
Fire and Materials, Vol. 42, nr. 8, s. 985-988
Artikel i tidskrift

Temperature of post-flashover compartment fires (2018)

calculations and validation
Byström. A, Wickström. U
Fire and Materials, Vol. 42, nr. 3, s. 255-265
Artikel i tidskrift

Timber under Real Fire Conditions (2018)

the influence of oxygen content and gas velocity on the charring behavior
Schmid. J, Santomaso. A, Brandon. D, Wickström. U, Frangi. A
Journal of Structural Fire Engineering, Vol. 9, nr. 3, s. 222-236

The Life Safety Objective in Performance-Based Design for Structural Fire Safety (2017)

Sandström. J, Wickström. U, Thelandersson. S, Lagerqvist. O
Paper presented at : 2nd international conference on structural safety under fire & blast loading, CONFAB 2017, London, 10-12 september 2017