Ulf Wickström
Ulf Wickström

Ulf Wickström

Structural and Fire Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
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Article in journal

Measuring incident heat flux and adiabatic surface temperature with plate thermometers in ambient and high temperatures (2019)

Wickström. U, Anderson. J, Sjöström. J
Fire and Materials, Vol. 43, nr. 1, s. 51-56
Article in journal

Technical comment (2018)

ten fundamental principles on defining and expressing thermal exposure as boundary conditions in fire safety engineering
Wickström. U, Hunt. S, Lattimer. B, Barnett. J, Beyler. C
Fire and Materials, Vol. 42, nr. 8, s. 985-988
Article in journal

Temperature of post-flashover compartment fires (2018)

calculations and validation
Byström. A, Wickström. U
Fire and Materials, Vol. 42, nr. 3, s. 255-265
Article in journal

Timber under Real Fire Conditions (2018)

the influence of oxygen content and gas velocity on the charring behavior
Schmid. J, Santomaso. A, Brandon. D, Wickström. U, Frangi. A
Journal of Structural Fire Engineering, Vol. 9, nr. 3, s. 222-236
Conference paper

The Life Safety Objective in Performance-Based Design for Structural Fire Safety (2017)

Sandström. J, Wickström. U, Thelandersson. S, Lagerqvist. O
Paper presented at : 2nd international conference on structural safety under fire & blast loading, CONFAB 2017, London, 10-12 september 2017