Anders Viking
Anders Viking

Anders Viking

Industrialized and sustainable construction
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 492932
F965 Luleå



Article in journal

Exploring industrialised housebuilders' interpretations of local requirement setting using institutional logics (2015)

Viking. A, Lidelöw. S
Construction Management and Economics, Vol. 33, nr. 5-6, s. 484-494
Conference paper

Exploring Swedish local planning authorities' perceptions of standardized housing construction (2015)

Viking. A, Stehn. L
Part of: Procs 31st Annual ARCOM Conference, 7-9 September 2015, Lincoln, UK, s. 1053-1062, Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 2015
Article in journal

Byggkravsutredningen missar målet (2014)

Industriella byggares syn på särkrav
Viking. A
Samhällsbyggaren, Vol. 2014, nr. 6, s. 38-39
Conference paper

Exploring industrialised house-builders' perceptions of local requirement setting (2014)

An institutional logics perspective
Viking. A, Lidelöw. S
Part of: Procs 30th Annual ARCOM Conference, 1-3 September 2014, Portsmouth, UK, s. 1133-1142, Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 2014