Aleks Vrcek
Aleks Vrcek

Aleks Vrcek

Luleå tekniska universitet
Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik
E840 Luleå



Analysis of Split Crankshaft Roller Bearings with Focus on Lubrication and Contact Stresses (2020)

Hultqvist. T, Vrček. A, Johannesson. T, Marklund. P, Larsson. R
Paper presented at : 22nd International Colloquium Tribology: Industrial and Automotive Lubrication
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Corrigendum to “Elastohydrodynamic lubrication for the finite line contact under transient loading conditions” [Tribol Int 127 (2018) 489–499] (2020)

Hultqvist. T, Shirzadegan. M, Vrček. A, Baubet. Y, Prakash. B, Marklund. P, et al.
Tribology International, Vol. 150
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Experimental and numerical investigation of asperities and indents with respect to rolling contact fatigue (2020)

Everitt. C, Vrček. A, Alfredsson. B
Tribology International
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Micro-pitting and wear characterization for different rolling bearing steels (2020)

Effect of hardness and heat treatments
Vrček. A, Hultqvist. T, Johannesson. T, Marklund. P, Larsson. R
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On Waviness and Two-Sided Surface Features in Thermal Elastohydrodynamically Lubricated Line Contacts (2020)

Hultqvist. T, Vrček. A, Marklund. P, Larsson. R
Lubricants, Vol. 8, nr. 6