Peter Wall
Peter Wall

Peter Wall

Professor, Chaired Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Mathematical Sciences
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 492018
E894 Luleå


My field of research is homogenization. Homogenization is the branch of mathematics where partial differential equations with rapidly oscillating coefficients are studied. Besides pure mathematical problems I have also worked with different applications, mostly within tribology, composite engineering and flow in porous media.

Current assignments at LTU

  • Head of the department of Mathematical sciences (mathematics, mathematical statistics and scientific computing)
  • Chair professor in mathematics

Research council funding

Main applicant for the following grants from the Swedish Research Council (VR)

  • An interdisciplinary study of rough surface fects in lubrication by homogenization techniques, No. 621-2005-3168.
  • An interdisciplinary study of multiscale problems in tribology by homogenization techniques, No. 621-2008-5186.
  • Development of mathematical models and homogenization theory with focus on multi-scale problems in tribology: An interdisciplinary study, 2013-4978.

I am also a partner in another six grants from VR.

Examiner for the courses


Article in journal

On an approximation of 2-dimensional Walsh–Fourier series in martingale Hardy spaces (2018)

Persson. L, Tephnadze. G, Wall. P
Annals of Functional Analysis, ISSN: 2008-8752, Vol. 9, nr. 1, s. 137-150
Article in journal

On compressible and piezo-viscous flow in thin porous media (2018)

Pérez Ràfols. F, Wall. P, Almqvist. A
Proceedings of the Royal Society. Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, ISSN: 1364-5021, Vol. 474, nr. 2209
Article in journal

On the Nörlund logarithmic means with respect to Vilenkin system in the Martingale Hardy Space H1 (2018)

Persson. L, Tephnadze. G, Wall. P
Acta Mathematica Hungarica, ISSN: 0236-5294, Vol. 154, nr. 2, s. 289-301
Article in journal

A Comparison of the Roughness Regimes in Hydrodynamic Lubrication (2017)

Fabricius. J, Tsandzana. A, Pérez-Ràfols. F, Wall. P
Journal of tribology, ISSN: 0742-4787, Vol. 139, nr. 5
Article in journal

Additive weighted Lp estimates of some classes of integral operators involving generalized Oinarov Kernels (2017)

Abylayeva. A, Baiarystanov. A, Persson. L, Wall. P
Journal of Mathematical Inequalities, ISSN: 1846-579X, Vol. 11, nr. 3, s. 683-694