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Hans Weber
Hans Weber

Hans Weber

Applied Physics
Materials Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics


Phase transitions in various models.
XY-models in 2 and three dimensions. Developing a new way to analyse finite size scaling of the Helicity modulous. This is done by large scale Monte Carlo simulations using cluster update algoritms.

Previous work has also been done on Ising models, Ising spin glass,
Vortex fluctuations, and percolation and Aerogel.

Recently I have also been involved in astronomy projects concerning Globulettes.


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Article in journal

History of Globulettes in the Milky Way (2018)

Grenman. T, Elfgren. E, Weber. H
Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol. 363, nr. 2
Chapter in book

Boarding of Finite-Size Passengers to an Airplane (2016)

Kaupužs. J, Mahnke. R, Weber. H
Part of: Traffic and Granular Flow '15
Article in journal

Force interactions between magnetite, silica, and bentonite studied with atomic force microscopy (2015)

Dobryden. I, Potapova. E, Holmgren. A, Weber. H, Hedlund. J, Almqvist. N
Physics and chemistry of minerals, Vol. 42, nr. 4, s. 319-326
Conference paper

From Random Walker to Vehicular Traffic (2015)

Motion on a Circle
Weber. H, Mahnke. R, Kaupuzs. J
Part of: Traffic and Granular Flow '13, s. 347-359, Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology/Springer Verlag, 2015
Conference paper

Application of AFM to probe micro- and nano-sized magnetite particle interaction in Ca2+ solution (2014)

Dobryden. I, Potapova. E, Almqvist. N, Weber. H, Holmgren. A
Part of: Proceedings of the International Summer School on Application of Scanning Probe Microscopy in Life Sciences, Soft Matter and Nanofabrication", River Publishers, 2014