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Yahya Ghasemi
Yahya Ghasemi

Yahya Ghasemi

Building Materials
Structural and Fire Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 492863
T3212 Luleå

I graduated as a civil engineer in 2005.In 2010 I got admitted in “civil engineering with specializing in Geotechnics” Masters programme in LTU. After graduation, I worked for Boliden AB as a rock mechanics engineer for a year and a half. In 2013 I decided to continue my education as a doctoral student in division of structural and construction engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

My research primarily focuses on concrete mix design.  The objective of the research is to provide a mix design for concrete that leads to decrease in the amount of cement used in the process of making concrete by means of optimizing aggregates gradation while keeping workability.

It’s a known fact that huge amount of annual worldwide production of cement makes the industry one of the leading contributors of carbon dioxide which greatly affects our home planet. On the other hand, concrete structures are very durable and using concrete in houses is one of solutions for reducing effects of installation and energy consumption, important factors for a sustainable society.

In recent years, environmental awareness, more environmental laws and the desire to keep construction costs down motivates the industry to improve and optimize the process of making concrete.  A reliable mix design method is an essential part of optimizing the process.


Research Interests

  • Particle packing theories for concrete mix design
  • Seismic behavior of reinforced concrete frame structures
  • Structures response to lateral loading

Professional Experties

  • Structure design numerical analysis (ETABS, SAFE, SAP, SAFE)
  • Mine seismicity


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Article in journal

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Article in journal

Exploring the relation between the flow of mortar and specific surface area of its constituents (2019)

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Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Flowability and proportioning of cementitious mixtures (2019)

Ghasemi. Y
Article in journal

Estimation of specific surface area of particles based on size distribution curve (2018)

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