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Yelverton Tegner
Yelverton Tegner

Yelverton Tegner

Professor emeritus
Luleå University of Technology
Health Science
Health, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Department of Health, Education and Technology


Article in journal

Association of Plasma Biomarker Levels With Their CSF Concentration and the Number and Severity of Concussions in Professional Athletes (2022)

Shahim. P, Zetterberg. H, Simren. J, Ashton. N, Norato. G, Schöll. M, et al.
Neurology, Vol. 99, nr. 4, s. e347-e354
Article in journal

Chronic cerebral blood flow alterations in traumatic brain injury and sports-related concussions (2022)

Vedung. F, Fahlström. M, Wall. A, Antoni. G, Lubberink. M, Johansson. J, et al.
Brain Injury
Article in journal

Post-Concussive Vestibular Dysfunction Is Related to Injury to the Inferior Vestibular Nerve (2022)

Gard. A, Al-Husseini. A, Kornaropoulos. E, De Maio. A, Tegner. Y, Björkman-Burtscher. I, et al.
Journal of Neurotrauma, Vol. 39, nr. 11-12, s. 829-840
Article in journal

Refined Analysis of Chronic White Matter Changes after Traumatic Brain Injury and Repeated Sports-Related Concussions: Of Use in Targeted Rehabilitative Approaches? (2022)

Latini. F, Fahlström. M, Vedung. F, Stensson. S, Larsson. E, Lubberink. M, et al.
Journal of Clinical Medicine, Vol. 11, nr. 2
Article in journal

Reliability and Validity of a Chinese Version of the Lysholm Score and Tegner Activity Scale for Knee Arthroplasty (2022)

Huang. H, Zhang. S, Wang. Y, Tegner. Y, Wang. Y, Jiang. Y, et al.
Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, Vol. 54